How to make your Marriage Certificate

Marriage certificate serves as an important document for the proof of your marriage which later is essential at the time of your child’s admission or for your family support or for spousal coverage or may be for the recovery of insurance money after they deceased. According to the civil laws one must necessarily register for marriage after getting married. The documents are asked for even in case one wants to move abroad with his/her spouse.


The Indian law permits the minimum age limit 21 for boy and 18 for a girl to get married legally.

You can register your marriage under

  • Hindu marriage act 1955
  • Special marriage act 1954

Documents required are:

  • Age proof of bridegroom and bride

It may include:

  1. Birth certificate
  2. Domicile certificate
  3. Driving license
  4. Voter id
  5. SSC board certificate


Residence proof for bridegroom and bride 

It may include:

  1. Ration card
  2. Passport
  3. Election card
  4. Water bill
  5. Electricity bill
  6. Passport size photographs
  7. Marriage photograph

In case of divorcee, widow and widower the required certificates may be produced. 

In case of HINDU MARRIAGE ACT 1955:

What am I required to do:

  • locate the registrar in your area (either of the spouse)
  • Make a visit with registrar within one month of your marriage
  • Carry all the documents along


Both parties are needed after submitting the documents of issuing notice of intended marriage to marriage registrar.

One of its copy is then pasted by ADM on the office notice board. In case anyone files objection within 30 days SDM shall not solemnise the marriage.

In case there is no objection is ADM solemnises marriage after 30 days of the notice. Three witnesses must be essentially present along with the two parties to solemnise the marriage.

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