How to file Aadhaar Card complain?

How to file Aadhaar Card complain?

A central government agency of India, UIDAI i.e. Unique Identification Authority of India came up with an objective to collect biometric and demographic data of all the residents of India in a centralized database. As a conclusion for this objective, they came up with Aadhaar Card which is not just any card but the world’s largest national identification number project. The project started in 2009 under the Planning Commission of India.

Aadhaar card is a 12 digit unique identity number. It is the unique proof of identity of individuals but not citizenship issued by the government of India after collecting the biometric details like fingerprints and iris scan of the people. It can be used anywhere in India and it has all the information on the front of the card like Name, Sex, Date of Birth, along with QR code and Aadhaar number. A QR Code is printed to verify the originality of the card. This code contains all the information of the card holder in electronic form. Additional informational like address, father’s name are printed on the back side.

Only one Aadhaar card per family is not enough, every member has to get his or her own Aadhaar Card. Each Aadhaar Card number issued will be unique to each and every individual and will remain valid for life. There is no need to renew the Aadhaar card in future. Aadhaar Card by Unique Identification Authority of India i.e. UIDAI is not compulsory but completely optional for all the citizens of India. But still, it is recommended to get it issued, to be able to avail the benefits of government schemes like Pahal DBTL Scheme for getting a subsidy in bank accounts and much more such schemes.

One might face some issues with the Aadhaar Card and might want to lodge a complaint against it. Keeping this is mind the UIDAI has set up a contact centre that serves as a single point of contact for the organization. Its existing channels of communication are:

  • Voice (Toll-free helpline number) – 1800-300-1947
  • Email –
  • File a complaint through the Grievance Centre link – and fill in the details to lodge a complaint.

Mentioned below are the reasons for which you can lodge an Aadhaar Card Complaint.

  • If you are facing an issue with the registration and reissuing of Aadhaar Card. S
  • If your Aadhaar Card by mistake has been delivered to a wrong address. In this case contact the UIDAI contact centre with your enrolment number. They will be able to track your Aadhaar Card precisely. Later you yourself can check your Aadhaar Card status online.
  • If an individual has lost his/her Aadhaar Card. Residents can contact the Contact Centre (through phone / letter / email) with the enrolment number and make a request for sending a second letter communicating Aadhaar. This may be a paid service. In case Aadhaar has been used to avail a service or benefit, the resident can contact the agency that offers the same, to obtain Aadhaar Card
  • In case you have registered for Aadhaar Card but still have not got your receipt for the same. Enrolment slip number with date time stamp, name, pin code, and mobile number will be provided to you by UIDAI contact centre. Then, a one-time password will be sent to the mobile number which must be entered to download the e-Aadhaar. A printout of the same can be used by residents.
  • In case there are some spelling mistakes or demographic errors in your Aadhaar Card. During enrolment, when data is entered, residents are expected to check the details and point out errors, if any, at this stage. Prior to finalization and printing of the Enrolment Acknowledgment, one more chance is provided to make corrections. When both the opportunities are missed, the demographic correction may be carried out by visiting the Enrolment Centre within 48 hours of the time of enrolment carrying the relevant documents and enrollment slip.
  • In case there is a delay in receiving the Aadhaar Card because sometimes it happens that, it takes a certain amount of processing time from the date of enrolment before the Aadhaar Card or UID gets generated. This time, varies from location to location and can be, in the worst case, up to 8 weeks from the date of enrolment – It is generally faster than this most of the time. Contact the UIDAI centre and they will help you in tracking down your Aadhaar Card.

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