How To Check Train Status?

Indian railways operated by the government of India are the world largest railways network constituting 115,000 km of track running all over the country. It covers a total of 112 stations and carries an average of 23 million passengers a day. Passengers travelling will obviously wish to know the status of the train i.e. at what time will it reach the destination. The Indian Railways have provided this facility to the passengers.

How to check status?

Follow the step by step instructions given below to check the train status.

  1. Visit the National Train Enquiry System which is the page of official Indian Railways website through the link given
  2. After the page opens you will see the option of “Enter your train name/no.”

National Train Enquiry System Indian Railways

  1. Fill in the field with your respective train name or number and press enter. Make sure you type in the correct information.
  2. The live running status of your train will then be displayed on the screen. You will get to know where your train currently is and at what time will reach and depart the desired destination.

Along with checking the train status the National Train Enquiry System also provides the information of Live Stations. Click the tab to the right of spot your train. Fill in the fields of “Enter station to get trains”, “Going to” and “within” and “train type” to know which train you can catch to reach your desired destination and at what time.

You can also check train between stations by clicking on the tab right to “Live Stations”. Fill in the fields of “from” and “to” and select the train type. Through this, you will get to know the trains running between desired stations.

The train schedule can also be checked. Click on the tab of “Train Schedule” which is on the right to “train between stations”. Then fill in the field of “train number or name” and know the complete schedule of the train. It will cover all the stations it will cover and at what time it will arrive and depart from the respective stations.

One can also know all the cancelled, rescheduled and diverted trains if any by clicking on the respective tabs.

On the left of the page certain other information can also be checked PNR enquiry, seat/berth availability and seat/berth booking. If you click on PNR enquiry you will be directed to another official page of Indian Railways. After the page opens fill in your PNR number and knows the current status. In case you have typed it wrong you can remove it all through the tab of “clear” and then type in again.

Similarly for seat/berth availability and seat/berth booking also you will be directed to another official page of Indian Railways. On that page, you will get all the information you need regarding availability and booking.

You can also know about special trains and heritage trains. If you click on the tab of “Special Trains” and “Heritage Trains” you will be directed to a new page. There you will know about all the special trains and heritage trains running currently along with other information like train number, train name, source, destination, heritage/special stations, departure station, and arrival station. But make sure you fill in the field of “Enter your boarding/deboarding station” at the top.


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