How to Check the Status of your Voter ID Card?


Applied and yet not received your voter id? Tired of waiting for it? You need not worry in case the answer is yes. The changing government policies have made it a lot easier by facilitating the user to check the status of the voter id online. There are two ways by which you can check the status of your voter id that is by SMS and internet. But you must remember that you cannot immediately check the status of voter id just after applying you need to wait for 4-5 weeks after applying.


  1. Type <voter ID card number> that is a unique serial number that you get after applying.
  2. Send it to 9433633333

You can also check the status of your voter id online with just few clicks.

To check the status of the voter ID card, go to the official website of State Election Commission Office or direct click on the link .


Check voter id status

There all you need to do is:

  • Select any one out of the three options that is Application ID, Applicant Name, or House Number.
  • Then you have to choose any of the three options: Form 6, Form 8, or Form 8A.
  • Finally, Click on the Search button
  • As soon as you press the search button the status of your voter’s ID card is shown to you. You can also check for the errors in your card. Form 8 is for you to know the status of the same.

In case you choose to transpose your card, you should select the Form 8A.

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