How To Check NSDL PAN Card Status Online?

Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a 10-character alpha-numeric identifier issued to each individual and is unique and acts as a code of identification of Indians. It acts as an important proof of identification and is issued by the Indian Income Tax Department. The PAN Card can be obtained by a person as well by commercial units. It is a powerful weapon for government and income tax department to keep a check on tax evasion and anti-social activities. Every citizen who is above the age of 18 years can apply for the PAN Card.

Applying for PAN Card is quite easy and hassle-free and can be done online. One has to pay Rs. 105 if the communication address is in India and Rs. 971 if the communication address is outside India. Payment can be done via both online and offline modes. Documents of proof of address, proof of identity and date of birth are necessary while applying for PAN Card. One can apply at both NSDL and UTI online portals for PAN Card.

If you have recently applied for PAN Card online through NSDL i.e. National Securities Depository Limited which is a Mumbai based government authorized entity to carry on the issue of PAN numbers and TAN numbers and host other financial services, your PAN Card status can be tracked very easily and without much effort. PAN Card should be tracked at least after 7 days from the day you applied.

How to check status online?

Follow the step by step instructions given below and you will be able to track your PAN Card status at NSDL online portal:

  1. Click on the link given to reach the page from where you can begin to track the status of your PAN Card.
  2. A window will open saying “Track your PAN/TAN Application Status”.
  3. In the field of “application type” select “PAN new/change request” from the drop down menu.
  4. In the field of “Acknowledgment number” fill in the 15 digit number issued to you by the authority at the time of receiving your application form.
  5. Enter your name, in the exact same way you filled in the application form.
  6. Enter your date of birth.
  7. In case if the pan card is applied for a firm or business units like a partnership or a company, enter the date of the format of the company or firm or date of the partnership deed. For the name, the firms should write their name only in the field of last name or surname.
  8. After filling in all the details click on “Submit”. Make sure you filled in all the details correctly.
  9. You will receive a message soon enough regarding the status of your PAN Card.

PAN Card status check

The same procedure can be applied by the applicants who have applied for duplicate PAN card and wish to track its status. But make sure you have applied for the duplicate PAN Card from NSDL portal only before checking its status on NSDL online portal. And if you have applied for PAN Card on UTI online portal then the status would have to be checked on the UTI portal itself.

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