How To Apply For Tatkal Passport?

Passport is an official document issued by the government of the country. Along with allowing you to travel internationally it also acts as the biggest proof of citizenship as per the Passports Act of 1967. All the passports of India have the Emblem of India emblazoned on the front in the center of the front cover. The offline process to apply for the passport is really time-consuming. Keeping this in mind the Ministry of External Affairs has started the online facility of applying for the passport. The majority of people now apply online for the passport.

Usually applying for a passport and finally getting the passport is a long process. So the government has also provided the Tatkal services who wish to get a passport made immediately. The service is available for both issue and re-issue of passport. It is available on compassionate grounds for emergency situations like a death of a relative, serious illness etc. However, Tatkal services are not available for the case of lost passport or damaged passport or stolen passport. The processing time of Tatkal passport is between 1-3 working days .The passport will be dispatched within one working day if the police verification is not required and if the police verification is required it will be dispatched within 3 working days. Tatkal Service fee is also higher than the normal fee. It fee is around Rs 3,500 to 4,000.

Indian passport

How to apply for Tatkal Passport?

The process to apply for Tatkal passport is same as the online apply process of normal passport at the online portal of Passport Seva Kendra. Only, in the field of “Application Type or Scheme” Tatkal has to be selected instead of normal.

In the Passport Seva Kendra at the time of appointment, a separate queue will be there for the applicants under Tatkal Service for faster printing of documents and speedy process.

Documents Required for Tatkal Passport

  1. Verification Certificate


  1. Any three documents from below list. (Provided one of the three should be a photo id document and one of the three should be among number I to 9 of below list).
  2. Election Card (EPIC)
  3. Service Photo Id card issued by State or Central Government or PSU, local bodies or Public Ltd Companies;
  4. Certificate of SC/ST/ OBC;
  5. Identity Cards of Freedom Fighters;
  6. Arms License;
  7. Property Documents like Pattas and Registered Deeds
  8. Ration Card;
  9. Pension Documents;
  10. Railway Photo Identity Card;
  11. Income Tax department issued Id (PAN) Card;
  12. Passbook of Bank/ Post office / Kisan
  13. Student’s ID card from recognized Educational Institutes
  14. Driving License
  15. Birth Certificates
  16. Bill of your Gas Connection
  17. A standard affidavit on normal stamp paper and duly notarized.
  18. Also submit Print out of your application, online payment receipt and color photo with light or white background too.

However, proof of urgency documents is not required for getting a passport made in Tatkal. But it is recommended to carry supporting documents beside the basic ones. Make sure you also carry the Photostat along with the original documents.


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