How To Apply For Passport Online?

Passport is an official document issued by the government of the country. Along with allowing you to travel internationally it also acts as the biggest proof of citizenship as per the Passports Act of 1967. The offline process to apply for the passport is really time-consuming. Keeping this in mind the Ministry of External Affairs has started the online facility of applying for the passport. The majority of people now apply online for the passport. Given below are the step by step instructions one can follow while applying online.

How to apply online?

  1. Go to the official website of Passport Seva by clicking on the link given
  2. On the left side will be given the option of “Register Now”. Click on that and you will be directed to the user register form.
  3. Start filling up the form. Make sure you will the form very carefully.
  4. In the option of “Register to apply at” select Passport office. The option of CPV Delhi is the one who have to apply for a diplomatic passport or official passport.
  5. In the field of “Passport Office” select the one which is nearer to your residential address or which is convenient for you to reach.
  6. In the next field of “Given Name” enter your first name and then your middle name. It has a maximum limit of 45 characters only. Make sure you make no spelling errors otherwise you would have to get your name changed later in the passport.
  7. In the next field fill in your last name i.e. your surname. Even this has a maximum limit of 45 characters.
  8. Fill in your date of birth in the next field. First, the date has to be mentioned, then the month and then the year.
  9. Enter your email id next. Make sure you have proper access to the email id you are mentioning. It has a maximum limit of 35 characters.
  10. The next field will be “Do you want your login id to be same as your email id?” If you want your own email id and login id to be same then select “yes”. If you want them to be different then select “No”. It is recommended to select “yes” for convenience in remembering the user name and password of just one email id rather than two.
  11. The next field will be of “Login id”. If you have chosen your login id and email id to be same then this field would not be required to be filled. But in case you want them to be different then this field would have to be filled. The option of “Check availability” is also given to check if the login id you desire is available or not.
  12. The next field is “Password”. Go through the password policy so that a strong password is formed.
  13. Re-type the password for confirmation in the next field.
  14. Next will be the option of “Hint Question”. Select one question from the drop down menu.
  15. Fill in the hint answer to the hint question in the next field.
  16. In the next field enter the characters displayed in the image.
  17. After all the details have been filled in, click on the button of “Register”.
  18. This completes your user registration.
  19. After this, you will automatically reach the “Applicant Home Page”.

apply for passport online

See our How to fill the passport application form to know the further steps.

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