Har Gaon Pedon Ki Chhaon Scheme by Haryana Government

Har Gaon Pedon Ki Chhaon Scheme by Haryana Government

Haryana is celebrating its Golden Jubilee year from 1st November  2016, to 31st October 2017, as the state was carved out as a separate entity 50 years ago on November 1, 1966. On this occasion, the government of the State plans to implement the ‘Har Gaon Pedon Ki Chhaon’ scheme to create at least one major grove or orchard in each village during its ‘Golden Jubilee’ year which shall serve the environment in a good aspect.

Under The Har Gaon Pedon Ki Chhaon Scheme:

  • There is going to be a plantation of 100 indigenous plants across the state.
  • People from the Forests Department announced that the scheme would be implemented from February-March.
  • The spokesperson from the forest department also said that the scheme was aimed at developing the roadside avenue of approach roads leading to and radiating from the districts, up to a distance of one km. “The department would undertake plantation of trees and shrubs having aesthetic value along such roads”, he said.
  • He also said that the plantation would be carried out on at panchayat lands in a session with the village panchayats.
  • He added that the native tree species, including fruit-bearing plants, would be preferred in the Har Gaon Pedon Ki Chhaon Scheme.

Features of the Har Gaon Pedon Ki Chhaon Scheme:

  • Personals from the Forest department informed that a city forest was also being developed at Murthal in District Sonipat, covering an area of 116 acres.
  • As many as 16,000 plants of 62 species would be planted in the forest.
  • They added that the plantation would be carried out from February onwards.
  • 2,500 tall plants of different species such as Pipal, Neem, Jamun, and Chukrasia have been planted in the area till now.
  • Besides this, it is being planned to carry out eco- restoration of the Brahmsar wetland in village Thana, District Kurukshetra.
  • In addition developing the area as conservation reserve in view of the potential of the water body to support an array of aquatic flora and fauna.

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