Free Sarees Dhoti and Bicycle Scheme for Poor Students by Tamil Nadu Government

Free Sarees Dhoti and Bicycle Scheme for Poor Students by Tamil Nadu Government

The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Mr. O Panneerselvam, on 4th January 2017, launched a free bicycle scheme for the deprived students of class 11th. This scheme will cost almost Rs. 244 crore. Apart from this, the state government has also announced free sarees and dhoti scheme by keeping in mind the harvest festival of ‘Pongal’.

The free bicycle scheme was initially launched by the late Chief Minister Jayalalitha in the 2001-2002 academic sessions to help SC and ST students those who could not afford conveyance to the school for studying. In order to include the students of all the schools who are accepting financial help from the state government, this scheme was extended.

During the program, CM Panneerselvam officially starts the scheme by distributing seven bicycles to students. According to a statement, the CM also circulated sets of sarees and dhotis to seven families at the Secretariat.

If we look in the past, AIADMK founder MG Ramachandran had introduced the ‘Dhoti and Saree Scheme’ in 1983 with an aim of helping out the poor besides providing them jobs in the textile and handloom industry.

Tamil Nadu Students Free Bicycle Scheme 2017

With an initiative of improving the conditions of the economically weaker sections of the state, the free bicycle scheme was launched by the Tamil Nadu Government.  The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu state Mr. O. Panneerselvam announced the Free Bicycle Scheme and soon be launched a Dhoti and Saree scheme. These schemes were launched by keeping in mind the harvest festival of the state i.e. Pongal.

Under the scheme:

·         The execution of the fee Bicycle Scheme was done by him by giving Free Bicycles to the 7 students.

·         This scheme is launched for the students studying in 11th class in the different government schools of the Tamil Nadu state.

·         The government has allotted a financial budget of Rs. 244 crore to give the bicycles to the recipients of the scheme.

Description of the scheme:

1.       Scheme Name – Free Bicycle For SC, ST Students

2.       Budget for Scheme – 243.96 Crore

3.       Scheme Launched by – CM O Panneerselvam

4.       Students of Class – 11th class

Features of the Free Bicycle scheme:

·         The free bicycles will be given to all those students of 11th class who are studying in the schools, receiving the financial aid from the Tamil Nadu state government.

·         The recipients of this scheme will also be those students with not an affluent family background.

·         There are many people in Tamil Nadu state who belongs to below poverty line; such scheme will be beneficial for them.

·         The people of the backward areas also face many problems to send their children to the schools. As in some area, there is a lack of transportation.

Advantages of the scheme:

·         With the help of free bicycles, the students will not face many difficulties to reach the school and their home.

·         Some of the students have to travel a long distance from their homes to school.

·         With the help of these free bicycles then the students can travel their distance in less time.

·         Many those students will be the main focus of this scheme that has to travel more than 2 km from the school to home and vice verse.


From more details regarding this scheme, the students can visit the official site of the state government of Tamil Nadu. 

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