Famous Places to Visit in Srinagar

Famous Places to Visit in Srinagar

Srinagar!! The place that is beautiful and has lot many places to visit within it. The largest city and the summer capital of Jammu & Kashmir it is amongst the most beautiful places in India with most of the jaw-dropping tourist areas. Knockout wonders such as Dal Lake, Shalimar Bagh, Nishat Bagh, and so on everything mentioned below constitutes a lovely bouquet defining Srinagar.

Dal Lake


Dal Jheel remains crowded throughout the year and is famous for its houseboats and Shikaras. With an area of about 26 sq. Km. Along with a shoreline of approximately 15.5 km, Dal Lake is divided into four different sections that are connected by four causeways and can be reached easily from the city of Srinagar. It is an ideal site in the region for enjoying swimming, kayaking, houseboats, canoeing, angling, Shikara riding and water surfing.

Shalimar Bagh


One of the most beautiful gardens in Srinagar, which is regarded as the monument of love. Shalimar Bagh was built in 1616 by Mughal Emperor Jahangir for his wife, Nur Jahan. The garden includes four terraces, fountains and a canal. The highest terrace at this place is known as ‘Abode of Love’, which was cherished by the emperor and royal ladies. The garden is also called as Garden of Char Minar, Faiz Baksh and Farah Baksh.

It has been constructed as per the layout of the famous Chahar Bagh in Persia. Covering an area of approximately 31 acres and surrounded by Chinar trees, the garden has a link to the water of Dal Lake through a canal of 1.6km in length.

Nishat Bagh

nishat bagh

Abdul Hasan Asaf Khan, a brother of Nur Jahan and father of Mumtaz Mahal, constructed Nishat Bagh in 1633. It is one of the largest Mughal Gardens built in the region, which has some of the rare species of flowers and artefacts.

It is also known for 12 terraces, fountains, flowerbeds and broad lawns that attract travellers. Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan was so impressed with the beauty of this garden that he hoped his father-in-law would gift this place to him. When he did not receive this place as a tribute, he ordered the closure of the water supply to this garden.



Chashm-e-Shahi Gardens established in 1632, is the smallest among all the Mughal Gardens in Srinagar, and also known as Royal Spring. It is situated close to the Nehru Memorial Park and has three different sections covering, fountains, waterfalls and an aqueduct.

Visitors can also see various flowers and fruits in this garden along with some of the rare species of plants. The fresh water spring in the backyard is said to have medicinal value that can cure many diseases.

Pathar Masjid


Pathar Masjid, locally known as Naev Masheed, located in the old city of Srinagar is a Mughal era stone mosque. Located on the left side on the banks of the River Jhelum, it is just opposite the shrine of Khanqah-e-Moula. Mughal Empress Noor Jehan, the wife of Emperor Jehangir, constructed it. The mosque has some different features that make it unique from the rest of the mosques in the Valley of Kashmir. Unlike other mosques, it does not have the traditional pyramid style roof. Furthermore, the mosque has nine mehraabs (arches), with the central one being larger than the others.

Shankaracharya Temple

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Constructed around 200 BC by Jaluka (son of Emperor Ashoka), Shankaracharya Temple is located on the top of Shankaracharya Hill, known as Takht-e-Sulaiman, which is around 1,100 ft from the central location. From the top of this hill, people can have a beautiful view of the snow-covered mountains of Pir Panjal mountain range.

The temple is structured on an elevated octagonal plane, which can be easily reached by steps. Tourists can also witness a new ceiling and Persian inscriptions inside the main temple.

Pari Mahal

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Pari Mahal refers to the ‘House of Fairies’, which is also popularly known as ‘Quntilon’. This monument is located at the Chashm-e-Shahi Gardens and was once a Buddhist monastery. It later became a school of astrology that got a huge promotion by Dara Shikoh, the eldest son of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan.

There is a lawn along with a spring at this site that has different varieties of fruits and flowers and is located around 10 km from the city centre.

Wular Lake


Wullar Lake is considered to be the largest freshwater lake in India, which also serves as a natural reservoir in the region. This lake draws water from Jhelum River and is home to different species of birds. Situated amidst this lake are the remains of an island built by the King Zain-ul-Abidin that attracts many travellers.

Some of the principal streams like Erin, Aarah, Harbuji and Pohru flow into this lake. It is situated near the famous Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary and can be visited between the months of April and June. The size of this lake varies from 30 sq. Km to 260 sq. Km, according to the change in season. It was previously known as Mahapadma Sar and is home to various fish species.

The important fish species in this lake are a rosy barb, common carp and mosquito fish. Terrestrial birds like a short-toed eagle, blue rock pigeon, golden oriole, alpine swift and sparrow hawk can fly also.

Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden


Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden is built at the foothills of Zabarwan Mountains that is near the banks of Dal Lake. This garden is around 8 km from Srinagar and is known for annual Tulip Festival that continues for seven days. It is one of the palatial gardens in Srinagar and known to have more than 70 varieties of tulip flowers.

The garden covers approximately 90 acres of land and houses 1.3 million tulip bulbs that overlook the Dal Lake. It is situated in a vicinity of Shalimar Garden, Nishat Garden, Chashm-e-Shahi Gardens and other Mughal Gardens.

Jama Masjid


Located in Nowhatta, Srinagar, Jama Masjid is the biggest mosque in Kashmir Valley. Built in the year 1402, Jama Masjid popularly reflects the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture. A charismatic courtyard with 370 wooden pillars, the structure here exemplifies the beauty of Jama Masjid. Thronged by Muslims every Friday, it is one of the ideal tourist places to visit in Srinagar. A glittering gem in the treasure of Jammu & Kashmir tourism, Jama Masjid is unparalleled in every aspect.

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