Emergency Numbers of India

For Police Emergency: 100

For Emergency Medical Ambulance Service: 101

For Fire Related Emergency: 102

For Emergency Disaster Management: 108

For Emergency Women’s Helpline: 181

For Emergency of AIDS Patients: 1097

For Reporting Child Abuse Emergency: 1098

For Attaining Air Ambulance Service: 9540161344

For Emergency of Missing Children: 116 000

For Emergency related to Mental Problems: 106

For Emergency Related to Gas: 104

Red Cross: 105

All India Railway Helpline Number: 1512

Though now it has been announced by the government of India that now there will be a single emergency number which will be 112. This initiative has been approved by the inter-ministerial telecom commission of India. The number will start working within a few months time once the Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar approves it.

After this, the citizens of the country will only have to dial one single number in case of emergencies. The proposal for the single emergency number was proposed long back but due to some difficulties, it was postponed.

National emergency number

Features of single emergency number

  1. The call on this number can be made even when the phone is not in the coverage area. This is a very big benefit of this emergency number.
  2. The service will be available in Hindi, English and other local languages. It will be operated in all the states in a call-center of kind set-up.
  3. The number is accessible to each citizen of the country. The number can de dialed even if there is no balance on the phone. Even if the outgoing facility is barred then also the emergency number can be dialed.
  4. One can also send SMS to the national emergency number. Also when the person will make the call his/her location will be tracked immediately automatically and will be given to the help centre nearby, for the convenience of the caller.

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