EESL Ceiling Fan Distribution Scheme – Energy Efficient Fan Yojana

Energy Efficient Ceiling Fan Yojana

Complete information about Cheap Ceiling Fan Distribution Scheme – Energy Efficient Ceiling Fan Yojana by EESL aka Energy Efficient Services Limited.

EESL is basically a joint venture of company of PSUs of Ministry of power government of India. Many beneficial schemes have been launched earlier, and many are to arrive soon. Out of which the most famous projects is the LED Bulb scheme.

Now, there are news sources about another scheme which is being named as Cheap Ceiling Fan Distribution Scheme. The fans provided under this scheme will be energy efficient and much affordable than market rates.

In this article, there has been written in details to explore the project and note all available information regarding Fan Yojana.



Concerned Authority – EESL

The price of these Fans in the market – More than Rs. 1500

Type of Fans to be distributed – 5 starts Rated (Highly Energy Efficient)

The price of Fans under this project – Rs. 995 (approx.)

Payment Mode – Applicants can pay in installments as low as Rs. 50 Power Bills will be reduced by 45%

As per a statistical survey, in the world, India is the largest consumer of Ceiling Fans. Recently, fans available in the market consume approx. 75 watts. However, these energy efficient fans will consume only 45 watts. Another advantage for the customers will be the price. These fans will be available at a much lower cost, and payment options are also easy to manage.


According to the requirements, the government has planned to benefit all the states sooner or later. Currently, this scheme is to be launched in Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Delhi, and Haryana.

Advantages of Energy Efficient Fan Distribution Yojana
Following are the aids that will be given to the users:

  • 5 star rated fans will be made available at much lower prices as compared to the market.
  • These fans have less energy consumption and hence will lead to less electricity bill. Usage of these fans will reduce the electricity bills by 45%.
  • Customers have to pay Rs. 100 upfront to enroll. Rest of the sum will be recovered in 24 monthly installments that can be as low as Rs. 50 required documents to enter or apply –

If you interested to apply, you need to present your recent electricity bill and voter id card/Aadhaar card at the time of enrollment.


Once the project has been launched in your state, the government will provide a list of Distribution centres.
You can find the nearest distribution centre and make a visit.
To register, you need to pay Rs. 100 upfront. Rest of the amount can be paid in instalments.

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