Details about Kalinga Shiksha Sathi Yojana in Odisha – Eligibility, Features, Apply Online, and PDF Notification

How to apply online for Odisha Kalinga Shiksha Yojana

Find out the scheme eligibility, features, Interest Rate, how to apply online for Odisha Kalinga Shiksha Yojana – Download Details in PDF

The government of Orissa has introduced a unique educational loan scheme for the students who are financially weak and want to pursue their higher education. This project is launched by Mr. Naveen Patnaik, honourable chief minister of Orissa on 27th June 2016. This educational loan Yojana is named as the Kalinga Shiksha Sathi Yojana, and it will provide the education loan at only 1% interest rates.
The programme is launched for those students who are not capable of going for their graduate studies because of the lower family income. For the first time, under this project, education loan will be provided on such a small interest rate. It is very tough, to get an education loan these days for low-income families because of interest rates. This Yojana seems to be very useful for all those students who have dreams of continuing their higher education from best universities but cannot proceed because of their poverty. According to the announcement of Orissa government, the scheme will be dedicated to Biju Babu who was one the greatest achiever in the field of science from Kalinga. The government has passed a budget of 500 Crores for this educational scheme.


Kalinga-Education-Loan-Scheme-Complete-Details-300x241Features of the Scheme
1.    Kalinga Shiksha Sathi Yojana is an educational loan scheme for the students who want to pursue their higher studies. The credit will be provided to any student by their merit list and the family income.
2.   The interest rate under this scheme will be 1% which the lowest interest rate on any education loan till date. The reason for this education loan is to make poor students get higher education and bring down their financial burden.
3.  The candidate has to deposit a security in the bank to receive the education loan. This process varies in different banks. A budget of 500 Crores has been issued for this project by the Orissa government.


Under the Kalinga Shiksha Sathi Yojana educational loan scheme, a candidate will be given a loan of maximum 10 lakh rupees to pursue their studies. After 5 to 6 years of a period, the amount can be returned or immediately after completing education. And, the interest rate 1% will be applied to the cost.
Eligibility Details
1. A student who is applying for the loan family income of his/her should not be more than 5 Lakh per annum. Anyone more than this revenue cannot apply for the loan under this scheme.
2. Any student whose financial condition is not okay can apply for the loan. Before applying, one must deposit all the necessary documents in the bank and show the annual income as well.


The official portal of education board Orissa will be hosting very soon, and online listings will be done for the students under this scheme.

  • For applying to it, visit the official website of the board.
  • Click on Kalinga Yojana
  • Click on the details and first read them carefully.
  • Enter online registrations.
  • Enter your details.
  • Submit your form with proper documents.

For more details, you can download PDF from here:
Kalinga Siksha Sathi Scheme Notification pdf download

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