Details About Izzat Scheme & Passes – Karnataka Railways Cheap Ticket Yojana

Karnataka Railways Cheap Ticket Yojana

Karnataka Railways has launched a scheme for providing tickets at very subsidized rates. The program mainly aims at poor people who travel by train. Department has given the name – “Izzat Scheme.” And, the tickets provided under this scheme will be called – Izzat Tickets or Izzat Pass. If you are also interested in this project, then before proceeding further, you are advised to read all about this cheap railways fare system. Find here out.


Many people ask the reason why the name of this scheme is “Izzat.” According to the department, this scheme provides an option to the poorest people to travel with dignity. That’s why this name was selected.

Eligibility Criteria of this scheme – 

  • This scheme is only for those who belongs to Lower income groups or weaker sections. The individuals who have been certified and are earning less than 1500 Rs. per month are eligible to take the benefit of this scheme.

Benefit of this Scheme –

  • Under this scheme, eligible people will be able to get the tickets at very subsidized rates. Here is the exact detail –
  • Eligible people will have to pay Just Rs. 25 per month for daily one-way travel of up to 150 kilometers. The amount is quite less than the regular monthly pass. So, if you are eligible, you must make most of this opportunity.
  • These passes have been known by the name, Izzat Pass.


  • Firstly, the eligible people need to provide the necessary documentation (i.e. income proof).
  • Then all they need is to fill in the application form that will be given by the department.
  • Now, the department will crosscheck the information and will issue the Izzat pass soon.

The single travelers can then use this pass during their journey.

In a recent conversation, a minister has told that the department can also issue these passes entirely free of cost too, but the applicant must complete all the formalities first.

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