Chhattisgarh Government to Launch Saraswati Cycle Yojana for Girl Students

Chhattisgarh Government to Launch Saraswati Cycle Yojana for Girl Students

The state government of Chhattisgarh has come up with a scheme known as the ‘Saraswati Cycle Yojana’ for girl students. It is very important to encourage the youths especially girls in a developing country like that of India where the youth population is huge and needs an uplift. Chhattisgarh government has also given its contribution to the country by launching the Saraswati Cycle Yojana in the state.

Know about Saraswati Cycle Yojana

Under Saraswati Cycle Yojana, the girl students will be buoyant to carry forth their higher studies by providing free cycles, which shall help them in there to and fro to the government schools which are far off from their place of residing.

According To a Survey Conducted, The Major Reasons Behind Dropout From Schools are:

  • According to an MHRD report, in 2014-15, the dropout percentage of students in secondary level is higher than in primary school level.
  • The major reasons for this rise in dropout ratio are a lack of interest, poverty, and absence of nearby schools.
  • Students belonging to SC & ST are larger among the dropouts, especially in the state of Chhattisgarh.
  • Most of the dropout boys switch to jobs to support their poor families.
  • Girls on the other hand either get married or go to jobs.
  • Next, to poverty, distance from educational institutions also hampers the higher education of girls.
  • In order to lessen the school drop outs of girl children, the state government of Chhattisgarh has launched this Saraswati Cycle Yojana.

Facts about the Saraswati Cycle Yojana:

  • Around 13,000 Girls are provided with Cycles under this scheme
  • 7,500 Number of Girl Students were registered for this scheme from Janjgir-Champa district
  • DEO (District Education Officer) of the state is responsible for providing free cycle to girl students under this scheme

Eligibility criteria for Saraswati Cycle Yojana:

  • Eligibility Criteria to get free cycle under this scheme- Girls students must have passed 8th class,
  • Eligible girls must be from the eligible category to get free cycles under this scheme like SC/ST and BPL (Below Poverty Line) families.

Chhattisgarh has a huge dropout ratio when evaluate with any other states of India- the state is ranked among the top five states which had more dropouts at the secondary level. According to a study conducted in the academic year 2005-06, more than twenty percentages of students dropped out from schools at the secondary level in Chhattisgarh.

The state government has taken frequent actions to reduce the dropouts. Saraswati Cycle Yojana is one of the foremost measures taken by the state government to help girls to keep carry their schooling. The dropout percentage has declined largely as a result of the bold steps taken by the State Government. According to the ESCC 2011 list, the literacy percentage of rural women in Chhattisgarh is getting near to the average literacy rate in India-expecting more growth in the female literacy rate across the nation with such potentials plans and schemes.

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