Best Tourist Places You Should Not Miss In Kolar

Best Tourist Places You Should Not Miss In Kolar

A small and quiet town in Karnataka, Kolar is the epical golden city, which is a doorway to Tirupati temple. Located 70 km from the capital city Bangalore, Kolar is famous for its holy places. The district is also referred to as Avanti-Kshetra and famous for its foundations from the ancient times.

According to history, Konganivarman, the founder of Ganga dynasty built the city of Kolar and ruled it for around twenty years. The city has close links with the great legends, Ramayana and Mahabharata like Sage Valmiki, Lord Rama, And Sita who gave birth to Luv and Kush in Kolar after being rejected by Rama.

Holding a sense of spiritual and eastern gateway of Karnataka, the city has some of the major tourist places to visit here.

Someshwara Temple


Someshwara temple is situated in the heart of Kolar town. The temple is dedicated to Lord Someshwara (Lord Shiva). This is a beautiful example of Vijayanagara style, complete with a massive pillared Mukha Mandapa. Heavy Prakara walls, ornate Kalyana mandapa and a Devi Shrine, lofty gopuram at the entrance is known for fine stucco figures on the tower, while the door frame is carved in typical Vijayanagara style.

Kolaramma Temple


Kolaramma is the presiding deity of the town of Kolar. The Cholas built this ancient temple in the South Indian style. The Kolaramma temple is L- shaped temple which has two shrines, one dedicated to Durga (Kolaramma) and the other for Saptamatrikas, seven mothers. The temple itself has beautifully carved statues, well-carved door and designs all done using granite stones. The temple is of Dravida Vimana Style built in Ganga Tradition.

Adinarayanswamy Temple

adinaryana swamy temple

It is a cave temple that lies on the top of Yellodu hills in Kolar. This pilgrimage site enshrines a stone statue of Udbhavamurthy sans ornaments and jewels. Devotees across the country converge at Adinarayanaswamy Temple during the Car Festival that is organised on the third Sunday of Magha month, which falls between February and March.


avani kolar

Avani is about 15 km from KGF. Avani is also known as Gaya of the south. Avani has a cluster of Ramalingeshwara temples all with in one courtyard dedicated Rameshwara, Lakshmaneshwara, Bharateshwara and Shatrugneshwara, dating back to the period of the Nolamba dynasty. The temple dedicated to Sita situated on a hill. It is also believed to be the site of Valmiki’s ashram, where Lava and Kusha were born.

Kolar Beta or Kolar Hills

kolar hills

Kolar Betta was also known as Satasringa hills (the hundred peaked mountain). This hill has an extensive plateau on the top. Antargange, a perennial spring on the east of the hills has become a popular tourist destination. Though so much of water streaming out from the mouth of a stone bull (Basava), nobody knows the source of water or the place from where it originates. Water is seen streaming out throughout the year.

Kotilingeshwara Temple


Home to the one of the world’s largest Shivalinga, the Kotilingeshwara Temple lies in the Kammasandra village in Kolar district. Every year on Mahashivratri 600,000 devotees visits the temple.

In front of the largest Linga in Asia, there is a 35ft Nandi on a big platform. Eleven small temples of various deities are built around the main temple.

Kolar Gold Fields

Kolar Gold Fields

The visit to this golden city would be a waste of you did not visit the famous Kolar Gold Fields. They are believed to be the second biggest gold mines in the world. During the period of the British Rule, it used to produce an enormous amount of gold and employed workers from Germany, Italy, Britain, and Anglo-Indians.

Bangaru Tirupati

bangaru tirupati

This temple resembles the famous Tirupati Temple of Swamy Venkateswara in Tirumala. It is 29 km from Kolar in a village called Guttahilli. It also has the great Garuda vehicle for Lord Vishnu.

It is densely crowded with pilgrims in the month of Shravan (July –August).



Budikote also famous as ‘Fort of Ashes’, derives its name from an event that happened in the past. It is said that a large-scale Yagya was performed here and left a huge mound of ash. Hyder Ali, the father of Tipu Sultan, built the fort. Famous temples to visit are Venkataramana and Domeshwara.



Kurudumale is located at a distance of 12 km from Mulbagal. Kurudumale was a capital of the Hoysala dynasty. Kurudumale is famous for the Ganesha temple built by a Vijayanagara kings. A temple dedicated to Shiva called the Someshwara temple which is also situated in Kurudumale. The temple was built during the Cholas period. The interesting fact of Someshwara temple is that it is built of rock without any foundations.



The main attraction of Malur is a temple dedicated to Lord Prasanna Venkateshwara at Chikka Tirupati. The other temples of Malur are Shankaranarayana and the Markandeswhwara. There is a village called Shivarapattana, where one can find national award winning rock sculpture makers.


mulbagal vijayanagra temple kolar

Mulbagal (Mulabagilu in Kannada) is about 30 km from Kolar. Mulabagilu has been taken from the word Moddalabaagilu which means the eastern-door in the Kannada language. A legend specifies that Arjuna installed the Hanuman temple here. The other attractions of Mulbagal are Someshwara Temple, Vittaleshwara Temple, Sripadaraja Math, Narasimha Teertha, Baba Hyder Vali Dargah and Kurudamale Maha Ganapathi Temple.



Bethamangala is about 30 km from Kolar. Bethamangala is a small village in Bangarpet taluk. It has a large artificial lake which is a popular picnic spot. Bethamangala is also home to the Vijayendra temple which dates back to the period of the Ganges and has been renovated by the Hoysalas and the Vijayanagar rulers. The temple here has beautiful sculptures.

Chikka Tirupati

chikka tirupathi kolar

The Lord Venkateshwara temple, also known as Keka Temple, is located at Chikka Tirupati, a popular attraction of Malur. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and one can find award-winning makers of rock sculptures in the nearby village of Shivarapattana.

Also, there are other two temples to visit in Kolar are Shankaranarayana and the Markandeswhwara.

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