Best tourist places for your vacations in Nagaland

Best tourist places for your vacations in Nagaland

Nagaland, a state enclosed in the hilly region of northeast India is a fantastic tourist destination with its majestic area and captivating valley views. The serene atmosphere unwinds the soul of people and blends perfectly with the expectations of visitors. Landscapes, beautiful sunrise and sunsets and adventurous activities like trekking, camping, rock climbing, and much more are the primary sources to entertain every traveller. Within the flow of nature, Nagaland is one of the states that have most of the Christian population. The state is home to a rich variety of flora, fauna, major tribes, culture, and religion. Here are some of the places that you can visit during vacations in Nagaland.



Dimapur is the primary entry point into Nagaland. It is also known as the commercial centre of the state. While nature lovers are enthralled by the scenic landscape of the place, history lovers are attracted to the 10th century Kachari Ruins found here. And, other areas i.e. Green Park, Dimapur Zoological Park, Medziphema, Handloom & Handicrafts Emporium, Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary, etc. are the places famous for tourist attractions over here.



Kohima, the capital city of Nagaland, is one of the leading sights in its own. Located at the height of 1500 m above sea level, Kohima has picturesque views to offer. Adventurous people loves the place as there is enormous scope for trekking and camping. The destinations of Kohima namely Japfu Peak, State Museum, Shilloi Lake, World War 2 Cemetry, Heritage Museum and Crafts Centre, Kisama Heritage Village, Kohima Zoo, Kohima Cathedral, and Dzukou Valley are on the top list to witness here.



Mokokchung, considered the cultural and intellectual capital of Nagaland, is one of the most famous cities in Nagaland. Beautiful hills and musical sounds of the streams running mesmerise you. This mythical land gets vibrant with activity during the festival seasons. Though most of the tribes have converted to Christianity, they retain the essence of their tribal features. Just to name a few places Changkikong Range, Langpangkong Caves, Changtongya, Mokokchung Village, Longkhum Village, Longritzu A delight Valley, Tangkum Marok Spring, Mokokchung District Museum, and Mokokchung Park are the leading destinations here.



Mon situated at 897.64 m altitude above sea level is one of the most mystic places in Nagaland that boasts of rich tribal heritage. Its geographical location in the northeastern part of the state, adds to its mystical appeal. A delight for nature lovers’, Mon has the spectacular landscapes. One of the best views of the Assam plains is seen from here. While being here, you would love to visit Veda Peak, Shangnyu Village, Naganimora, Chui Village, Longwa Village, and Montalcino Italy.



For experiencing an insight of rural life, one need to be at Wokha, the homeland to Lotha tribe. The land abounds organic fruits like pineapples, oranges and plums. The best part is they are grown in a natural way and free of pesticides. Adventure lovers will love strolling along the paths that lead to the forests around. Some of the locations namely Mount Tiyi, Tehurang Valley, Baghty Valley, Doyang River, Doyang Hydro Project, Totsu Cliff, Totsu Wozhu Lake, and Liphanyan Governor’s Camp are must visit here.



Phek boasts of scenic landscapes because of evergreen forests and rich variety of flora and fauna that occupy 70% of the region. Can you expect anything short of stunning natural beauty right? Majestic mountains and scenic lakes are breathtaking. Along with few travel areas like Zanibu Peak, Dzudu Lake, Pfutsero, Peripheries of Pfutsero Town, Lodiri / Rhododendron Trek, Khezakenoma Village, and Chakesang Cultural Research Institute.



Overlooking Mountain Sabarmati, the highest Peak in Nagaland, lies in Kiphire. To its east is Myanmar, adventure seekers can have a whale of a time here indulging in trekking, canoeing and rafting. Saramati Peak, Caves of Salomi, Caves of Mimi, Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary, Wawade Waterfall, Sukhayap Rock Cliff, Yingphi, Twin Stones, Siphi, and Mihki – River of Salt are the awe-inspiring landscapes to explore here.

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