Best Places To Visit In Kinnaur That Are Must Explore

Best Places To Visit In Kinnaur

Kinnaur is a beautiful city with meandering rivers, green valleys, and vineyards, and majestic mountains in Himachal Pradesh.  With the influence of Tibetan culture, its location is in the North-eastern part of Himachal. Kinnaur is also known as the ‘Land of Fairytales’, and remain covered with snow for six months.

Apart from its beauty, there are some of the foremost tourist attractions that are a delight for nature lovers. Breathtaking view, captivating green orchards, and much more, these are the best places to visit in Kinnaur.


Kinnaur sarahan

The place Sarahan has countless views, sceneries, and landscapes to look at. A walk through its endless forests and valleys leave everything beyond imagination. Sarahan is also known as the ‘Gateway of Kinnaur’, and considered as the summer capital of the Bushair city. A captivating hamlet in the Sutlej Valley, famous for its never-ending pine forests, apple orchards, small streams, and rustic settings. Sarahan is also famous for its huge temple complex of Bhimakali Mata.



A small village located in Kinnaur and one of the beautiful treasures untouched by the travellers in Himachal Pradesh. Mainly it is an ideal place for nature lovers and trekkers. Located at the east of Kinnaur, Nako village is fully surrounded by greenery. It also constitutes four Buddhist temples within its region.

Sanga Valley


One of the commercialised towns in the belt of Sangla, this is one of the beautiful places in Kinnaur district. All across Sanga valley, one can enjoy the trek to Batseri village and a visit to trout farms. The Kamru fort is quite a way famous and must visit place in Kinnaur.

Lipa-Asrang Sanctuary

lipa asrang Kinnaur-Sanctuary

A must-visit location for solitude lovers, Lipa-Asrang sanctuary, is spread over an area of around 30.89 sq km. It includes a variety of flora like the dry coniferous forest, alpine scrub, broad dry leaves, and much more. And, fauna like Goral, leopard, yak, blue sheep, bear, etc.


kalpa kinnaur

Kalpa is the destination of Kinnaur, which is famous for the beautiful sunrise. It is one of the main villages around 14km from the central district from Powari beyond Reckong Peo. There’s an immersive view of ‘Kinner Kailash’, directly across the Satluj river from this place and Parvati Kund is located on the top of Kinner Kailash. Also, there is a Narayan Nugani temple in Kalpa that exhibits the sincerity of the craftsmanship of the region.

Reckong Peo


Reckong Peo is also known as the ‘Land of the Gods or Peo’, for its incredible natural beauty. Peo is a cache in the middle of Himalayas. It is an idyllic town, with an astounding view of Kailash Parvat and the Shivling. Especially, the seekers of solace and peace can hardly miss this spot.



On the left bank of River Satluj, Moorang is one such picturesque place in Himachal Pradesh. The location is defined by the spectacular apricot orchard and several other things. There is an old fort built by the Pandavas, where tourists relax during their visit in Moorang.



It is a traditional village in the district of Kinnaur situated at an elevation of 3745m above sea level. Ribba is known for the abundance of pine nuts, i.e. chilgoza production, that is why it also famous with the name ‘Rirang’, that is believed to be given due to plenty of pine nuts.



Decorated with the fields of barley, turnips, buckwheat, apricots, vines, and lush greenery, Namgya is the place in Kinnaur with a dash of gold. It is one of the small village babbling of the Satluj river stream that feels like a sanctified chant.



Lippa having Tahiti stream flowing by and the green grass is considered as nourishment for cattle and horses. It is a favourite spot of Buddhists because of the three temples of Galdang Chhoikar, Dunguir and Kangyur. There is also an old monastery dedicated to local deity Tangtashu.

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