Best Places To Visit In Khajjiar For Travel Lovers

Best Places To Visit In Khajjiar

Khajjiar, a small yet beautiful town located near Dalhousie in Himachal Pradesh around 570km from Delhi. Also, known as the “Mini Switzerland of India”, this place is ideal for the nature lovers because of its picturesque beauty with the perfect blend of forests, lakes, and pastures. Khajjiar has been an inspiration for many kingdoms in the ancient times including Rajputs and Mughals.

Not only this, but Khajjiar is also famous for a nine-hole golf course located in the middle of greenery. And, there are many other things like dense forests and beautifully made temples that one can visit here. Some of the major tourist spots to visit in Khajjiar are:

Kailash View

Mount Kailash West Face

The glimpses of Mount Kailash is one such sight to behold in the location of Khajjiar and visible on clear days from the Khajjiar ground. According to legends, Mount Kailash is Lord Shiva’s home, and he is the main god worshipped in Himachal Pradesh. Therefore, this mountain is a very holy spot for people residing here.

Khajji Nag Temple


This temple dates back to 12th century A.D. If you say ‘old is gold’, the Idom will stand true to this place in Khajjiar. One of the holiest location with the main deity of Khajji Nag, who is concerned to be the Lord of Serpents. The temple has a mandap with hanging images of Pandavas along with the defeated Kauravas. The temple architecture contains both Hindu and Muslim style and the beginning of its construction took place in the 10th century A.D.

Khajjiar Lake and Ground


Lake Khajjiar and ground is an ideal place for photo freaks and has been a backdrop in many movies. The lake has an association with Khajji Nag Temple, Snake god and has a sacred importance of its own. It is a lake fed by many tiny water streams, covering an area of about 5000 sq. yards. And, the ground around the lake is a perfect picnic spot and the best part of this region.

Panch Pandav Tree


This tree is situated in the field of Khajjiar, known for its shoots. The primary roots and the shoots almost seem to be the same. According to the natives, out of the six shoots, one stands for Draupadi while the rest of the five symbolises the Five Pandavas.

Khajjiar Villages


Small villages in the region of Khajjiar like Rota, Ladi, etc. are situated near its slopes. Within the tall deodar forests of this town, these tiny villages are quite near to the ground of Khajjiar. And, all the villages are quite famous for apple orchards.

Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary


A wildlife sanctuary spread over an area of 19.63 The Kalatop wildlife park is located between oak and coniferous trees. The sanctuary has various species like deer, serow, jackal, leopard, black bear, wild cats, Himalayan black marten, and much more. And, within the sanctuary, you can also watch many endangered species of animals and birds.

Golden Devi Temple


Located on the edge of Khajjiar lake, the Golden Devi Temple is a major attraction because of the golden spire of this temple. It is named Golden Devi Temple due to its golden dome. And, close to this temple, there is a golf course that also draws a lot of attention.

So, here are the top locations that you can visit while being in Khajjiar. If there are any other places then, you can simply comment in the section below.

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