Best places to visit in Chirang

Best places to visit in Chirang

Chirang with headquarter in Kajalgaon derives its name from the Tsirang district of Bhutan, and the place is inhabited mainly by the Bodo people.  The name Chirang is a Garo word which means water wealth, as chi means water and rang means wealth. There are various places to visit at Chirang, that might interest the traveler in you.


Best places to visit in Chirang

Chirang is famous for its picturesque beauty. Kalamati is a popular attraction as an orchid and butterfly habitat. Also, it is known for its flora and fauna; varieties of herbs, including the medicinal ones are found in this region. A number of wild animals can be spotted in the forest as well, such as Asian elephant, Himalayan bear and the hornbill, and much more.

How to reach Kalamati

From the town of Bongaigaon you can reach Kalamati in a hired car, via Bijni.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the Kalamati is between winter and spring. The monsoon and summer season can actually be avoided as rains in the forest can be difficult for the tourists and it’s hot and humid in summer.

Bhumeswar Hill

Best places to visit in Chirang

The scenic beauty attracts a number of people to this place. Bhumeswar hill is known for its local cuisines, you must try the seasonals, such as Pitha, while others like Panta bhat, and a drink called Apo are also well known.

Agriculture is one of the main occupations of the people Bhumeswar Hill. Assam tea, rice, mustard seeds, potato are some of the main products of the region. The major tourist attractions of the place are, the Bageshwari hills and temple, Koya Kujiya Beel, Birjhora Tea estate etc.

How to reach Bhumeswar Hill

There is a railway station near the area; therefore, you can reach to this place on a train, while private buses are also available.

Best Time to Visit

The best time for a visit in the Bhumeswar Hills is between winter and spring. The weather condition remains uncomfortable during the summer time. Also, during the monsoon season, it is marshy and difficult to reach.


Best places to visit in Chirang

Bongaigaon is a city near Chirang and is divided into two parts, one is the Old Bongaigaon and the other is the New Bongaigaon. This huge city is comprised of many tourist attractions such as Koyakujia Bil, The Bagheswari Temple, Jogighopa and Pancharatna, which are the two historical sites of the city. These places have ruins of the Buddhist Stupa and many remains of the Gupta temples can be seen here as well. Other well-known tourism places here are the Bagheswari Hill, the Kachugaon Game Reserve, and the Kakoijana Reserved Forest.

Manas National Park

Call it one of the prime location and attraction near barpeta, the Manas National Park located at the foothills of the Great Himalayas leading to Bhutan region is a must see. It houses a great spectrum of biodiversity and beautiful landscapes. Established as a reserve forest in 1928, the park also serves as a part of tiger reserve network under Project Tiger during 1973 and was declared as a national park in 1990. It has an area of around 2,837 sq km, and right now contains a natural habitat for 312 species of birds, 60 mammals, 54 fishes, 42 reptiles, 7 amphibians and more than 100 species of insects.

Chirang District has its own charm and scenic beauty. Situated in the foothills of Bhutan it’s a natural attraction for tourist. Manas National Park is a world heritage site and draws thousands of visitors across the globe every year.  Champamati Mini Hydro-Electric Power Project can be a great spot for an outing, Kalamati (Orchid and Butterfly habitat) and Gabharukhunda a biological hotspot will be a wonderful place to visit as well. Kukhlung, Dadgiri and Rani Sundari are forest reserves in the state. If you look for places for picnics, Roumari’s Hagrama Bridge, Ghumeswar Hills, and Tukrabasti will take you to nature’s paradise.

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