Apply Online for PAN Card using Aadhar Card

Apply Online for PAN Card using Aadhar Card

PAN card is one of the essential documents every citizen of India must possess. Now, you can submit your request to get a PAN card through your Aadhaar Card. Anyone can apply online for PAN card using their Aadhaar card. The government has now added the facility of making PAN cards directly through your Aadhaar card, in which you will not have to fill any large application form.

Apply Online for PAN Card using Aadhar Card
Apply Online for PAN Card using Aadhar Card

PAN cards are indispensable for bank transactions. It is also used in banks for various purposes other than transactions such as tax payment, house purchase, vehicle, life insurance and proof of address. The government has further made possible the facility of making PAN card by connecting PAN Card to Aadhar card.

Let us have a look on the easy steps to get PAN card using Aadhaar card.

How to Apply Online for PAN Card through Aadhar Card

You will need to fill up an online application form for making your PAN Card through Aadhaar card in which you will have to fill in your full details.

Step 1: Go to the NSDL Official Website

Step 2: Token Number Generation

  • After the successful registration, it will generate a token number, it will be your temporary token number, you have to note it for future use.
  • Then click on ‘Continue with Pan Application Form‘.

 Step 3: Guidelines

There will be two options:

  1. Forward Documents Application Physically
  2. Submit Digitally through Sign

Forward Documents Application Physically

Upon opting this option, you have to send the replicas of your documents to the nearby Income Tax/NSDL office via post or manually.

Submit digitally through e-sign

This is much convenient as well as recommended.

  • After choosing the relevant option, fill the information required such as your aadhaar number (as on your Aadhaar Card), your father’s name, mother’s name.
  • Then Click on ‘Next‘.

 Step 4: Filling the Personal Details

  • Select Source of Income i.e. Salary, Income from Business, Income from House Property etc.
  • Next, fill address for communication i.e. residence or office.
  • After this enter your valid mobile number, email id (as in the Aadhaar Card)
  • Then Click on ‘Next’

Step 5: Filling in the Contact Details

  • You have to fill the Area Code,
  • You have to fill A.O Type,
  • Then Fill the Range Code,
  • Lastly, fill the A.O No.
  • You have to select your state, city and ward number from the options.
  • Then click ‘Next‘.

Note: You can get the information of your Area Code, A.O Type, Range Code, A.O No by visiting your nearby income tax department and any chartered account can tell you about this. You can also take help from the option ‘For Help on A.O Code, Select from the following’.

Step 6: Documents Details

  • Select the Proof of Identity (aadhar card, driving license etc.)
  • Select Proof of Address and Proof of date of birth.
  • Then fill the Declaration (place, date etc.)
  • Now if you have selected the ‘Submit Digitally through e-sign’ Option then you have to upload your Photo, Signature, and proof of identity, address proof and proof of date of birth by scanning them.
  • Then click on ‘Submit‘.

Note: The pixels of the photograph and the size of the documents must be apt enough to be uploaded, should not exceeds the requisite size and pixels.

Step 7: Verification of the Application Form

  • Verify your complete application form before confirming.
  • Then click on ‘Proceed‘.

Step 8: Selecting the Mode of Payment

  • Select ‘Online Payment through Bill Bank’.
  • Then select ‘Mode of Payment’ (Net Banking, Credit Card or Debit Card).
  • Click on ‘I Agree’.
  • Then on ‘Proceed to Payment.

Step 9: Confirming the Payment

  • Click on ‘Pay Confirm‘.

After the successful payment, the PAN Card is automatically delivered to your address within 15 days.

These were the steps by which you can get your PAN card using the Aadhaar Card. Also, read our article on How to Link PAN Card to Aadhaar Card

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