Airports under the UDAN Scheme

Airports under the UDAN Scheme

What is UDAN Scheme?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi government has initiated a new scheme named as UDAN (Uday Desh ka Aam Nagrik) to make the air travel inexpensive so that everyone can avail the facility of a flight. Under the new UDAN scheme, people living in tier 2 and tier 3 cities can take a flight at just Rs. 2500/- which is for nearly 50% of the seats. The subsidy will be borne by passengers from whom a nominal amount will be charged every time they take a flight.

Under UDAN that has been advertized as Prime Minister Modi’s pet project, the government has limited tariff and is offering incentives to attract airlines to fly on offbeat routes.  According to industry chamber FICCI, about 44 airports across the country have the potential to execute operations under the scheme.

Some of the routes under UDAN flights will cover are:

  • Bhatinda- Delhi,
  • Gwalior-Indore,
  • Gwalior-Lucknow,
  • Pathankot-Delhi,
  • Agra-Jaipur,
  • Diu-Surat,
  • Jamnagar-Ahmedabad,
  • Kanpur-Varanasi,
  • Pondicherry- Chennai,
  • Bilaspur-Raipur


List of Airports under UDAN

Airports under UDAN Scheme
Airports under UDAN Scheme

UDAN (Uday Desh ka Aam Nagrik) scheme was launched in October 2016 by the central government through the National Civil Aviation Policy 2016. Under the scheme, the government aims to provide low -priced air travel to the people of Indian people. The flights were expected to become operational in January 2017 under the UDAN Scheme.

Such schemes are great to uplift the Indian people who wish to travel by air. The to and fro becomes easy by taking flights but due to high fare and charges, people often keep away from traveling through the air. Introducing such schemes for the people of India will surely make things grow in the better direction for the country.

The full study by FCCI can be downloaded in PDF format from the link below:

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