10 Stunning Caves in India that Should be in Your Bucket List

Borra Caves, Ananthagiri Hills, Andhra Pradesh

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Formed by the dipping of streams on limestone rock clusters, Borra caves is a natural cave in India. It is located on the way to Arakka Valley and depicts amazing limestone topography such as stalactite, stalagmite, helictite, and pillars. It also includes some interesting formations of Shiva Linga, Parvathi, Mother-Child, and Human Brain.


Bhimbetka Rock Shelters, Madhya Pradesh

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Rock shelters of Bhimbetka is a magnificent repository of rock paintings inside the natural rock shelters. It is a UNESCO heritage site. It is located in the foothills of the Vindhya Range of hills in Madhya Pradesh. The rock shelters represent the prehistoric Paleolithic and Mesolithic periods. It consists of seven hills and over 750 rock shelters spread across for over 10 km. It has beautiful paintings from the historic times on the rocks. The tradition shown in the paintings of these rocks can be seen in the people of 21 villages around the shelters.


Amarnath Cave, Baltal, Jammu, and Kashmir

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Amarnath cave is a religious place for thousands of people and beautifully covered with the bleak Himalayan Mountains. The cave is mostly covered with snow in the entire year except for summer when it can be accessible by the people. The stalagmite or the Shiv Linga is formed from the frozen water drops coming from the roof of the cave.


Undavalli Caves, Andhra Pradesh

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The spectacular Undavali caves represent some marvelous specimens of ancient architecture from the Vishnukundin rule which includes a mammoth figurine of Lord Vishnu, several Buddhist sculptures, and Trimurti – Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiv that showcases some mind-blowing artistry.


Badami Caves, Karnataka

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Badami Caves tops the major tourist attractions in Karnataka and it is absolutely worth it. The pieces of artistry and sculptures replicate the Chalukya Era. It involves Hindu Deities, Jain Tirthankars, and Jain Gods. Things that shouldn’t be missed at Badami caves are 18-armed dancing Shiva, Mahisashur Mardini, two-armed Ganesha, Ardha Nareeswara, Narasimha, Anantasayana, and Trivikrama.


Meghalaya – The cave king

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Meghalaya is actually the place from where the concept of caving expedition begun. There is umpteen number of caves at Meghalaya and all of them are as mysterious as it could be. Some of these beautiful caves are Mawsmai Cave, Krem Liat Prah, etc. If you go to Meghalaya, these caves should be at the top of your travel list.


Trichy Rock Fort Temple and Pallava Caves, Tamil Nadu

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The rock fort temple of Trichy is one of the major attractions of South India. The temple is built on a rocky outcrop which is almost about 237 feet above the city. Although the view is breathtaking, the carvings and the intricate designs inside the temple is something which you shouldn’t miss. The temple was constructed by the Nayaks of Madurai many centuries ago.


Jogimara and Sita Bengra Caves, Chhattisgarh

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It is said that Ram, Sita, and Lakshman has resided her while they were in exile. These caves are known as the vintage theatres of the world. They have naturally formed which can be reached via Hathipole tunnel.


Bagh Caves, Madhya Pradesh

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The beautiful collection of 9 sandstone rock-cut monuments will attract you to the core. Bagh caves are particularly known for its outstanding mural paintings and carvings that are made by renowned painters and sculptors. It is located in the Dhar district near the Mundu town of Central India.


Ajanta and Ellora Caves, Maharashtra

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Last but not the least, this is the most popular cave in the country and it literally deserves every piece of attention it gets. These caves showcases but mind blasting carvings, wall paintings, and sculptures. It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. It contains Maitreya Buddha, Kailash Temple, and abstract designs of devils, humans, & birds.

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