10 Irresistible Bengali Dishes which Everyone Should Try At least once


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Luchi has a strong resemblance to the Puri in the other parts of the country. It is a deep-fried flatbread made in Bengal but unlike puri, it has light golden color in it. It is best enjoyed with mouthwatering gravies and dry veggies.


Alur Potol Posto

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This is something which Bengali people might be absolutely crazy about. The dish is prepared with potatoes and pointed gourd. The spicy twist is given to the dish by red and green chilies and along with it coconut purée balances the taste and the spiciness of the dish. One classic Bengali dish is something that we can call it.



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Bengal is nowhere behind when it comes to dessert as well. And one dish that justifies it well is Sandesh. It is a dessert made with milk, sugar and dry fruits. Since it is not overly sweet, it will make even a ‘non-sweet tooth’ fall in love with it. Topped with strands of saffron, it is the best closure of your meal.


Tangra Macher Jhol

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Spicy and well-cooked catfish is one dish that will even make a vegetarian change his mind. It is prepared with freshly grounded spices and thick gravy is prepared with it. The red chilies added would bring the tangy hotness in the dish. It is mostly had with hot steamed rice.


Ilish Macher Jhol

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Bengal being the rich source of both saltwater and freshwater gives a variety of seafood. One of them is Ilish Macher Jhol. The fish used in the dish is called as Hilsa fish. It is prepared in mustard oil which gives it the tangy flavor that it has and along with it spices like Nigella seeds, chilies, ginger paste.



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The wholesome meal is not just tasty but healthy too. It turns out to be the best option for all the health conscious people. The authentic Bengali dish is prepared with soft brinjals, bitter gourds, sweet potatoes, drumsticks, and bori. Along with the spices, the milk added in the dish gives a thick texture to it.


Mochar Ghonto

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It is a kind of dry curry. The preparation of the dish is as exciting as the taste. The ingredients used in the dish are the banana flower, coconut, and potato. They are roasted beautifully with spices, salt, and sugar. The sugar is added in smoking hot oil which caramelizes itself and gives the perfect texture to the dish.


Kosha Mangsho

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All the mutton fans here is something exciting for you all. One good thing that Britishers left behind is this dish. Here, mutton is cooked in a spicy tomato and yogurt curry giving it a tangy and subtle flavor altogether. It is cooked in pure mustard oil and contains some assorted spices. It is usually had with chapati or alone. Whatever you decide, one thing is for sure, you will be left licking your fingers once it is finished.


Mishti Doi

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The most popular dish of Bengal of all time. The dish is so simple and scrumptious that it has collected love from the other parts of the country as well. There is no appropriate time to have the dish, you can have it anytime. However, people prefer to have it after their meal. It leaves a creamy and sweet aftertaste in your mouth. It is basically sweet curd which is topped with crunchy dry fruits.



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A homemade scrumptious dessert from Bengal. A batter of powdered rice and rolled. It is then filled with coconut bits with sugar and khoya. The dish assures that it won’t let you leave unsatisfied. It is one of the most amazing Bengali dishes. Whether you are a sweet tooth or not, you will definitely love this one.


Kolar Bora

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Kolar bora is another sweet dish which proved that Bengal is more than fish and mutton. It is prepared with ripe bananas, grated coconut, sugar, and maida. These fritters are the perfect combination of crunchy and soft. They are mostly made and eaten in the festive season.


Begun Bhaja

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Flavorsome shallow fried brinjal chips are something you won’t be able to resist. It is treated as a snack. These crunchy chips have a sweet aftertaste to of brinjal and it is topped with some chaat masala that makes it absolutely heavenly. The crispness is increased a bit by coating brinjal with fine rice flour.


Mangsher Singara

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Don’t misunderstand this as an ordinary samosa. This is a special keema stuffed samosa. The outer layer of the samosa is made with maida, salt, cumin seeds, and ghee. The filling is minced meat mixed with chaat masala, lemon juice, black pepper, and peas. It is mostly served with spicy mint chutney.


Bhetki Macher Paturi

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One more delectable dish for the fish lovers out there. The way the fish is prepared it will instantly melt in your mouth the moment you put the first piece of the fish in your mouth. The fish is slowly cooked in a paste of mustard and coconut which is then wrapped in banana leaf. The perfectly cooked fish will be blasting with flavors and aroma once it is served steaming hot.

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